Origins of our company date back to 1992 when we started producing aircraft models. Our products were for many years successfully exported to the whole world. Currently, these model aircrafts are being produced by Azero company.

We made an important step forward in our expansion when we started milling 3D models and molds. In 2007 we began to cooperate with Automotive Lighting company and we started to fully concentrate on the production of laminate parts which are used in the manufacturing of headlamps.

In 2013 our company fully transformed. PP Model Hobby Ltd. gradually took over all activities of the initial business entity.

We have many years´ experience with manufacturing of laminate parts, especially with parts which are used for headlamps production. Our products must be resistant to demanding chemical and mechanical conditions. That leads us to continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes and it also keeps us searching for new materials. We model virtual 3D models according to your specifications and subsequently we use these models to manufacture physical models. We have modern Rapid Prototyping technologies. Their potential is fully used in the production of prototypes.


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